The Leather Dr. - "We Can Make The Wear & Tear Disappear!"
We want you to love your sofa or car.

Why spend the money to replace when you can have it fixed for a fraction of the price? Are you tired of looking at that tear in your leather or vinyl? Many people are amazed that the tear or wear in their sofa, chair, or car can be fixed. But it can! 

For years we have been perfecting the art of interior repair and reupholstering. And we take pride in our work. Just see what some have said about our work. "It looks just like new!" "It's like nothing ever happened!" We want you to have the same response.

Do you want your old sofa, chair, love seat, bench, ect.  reupholstered?
We have hundreds of different types of leather, vinyl, and fabric to choose from. You pick the material out of our swatches and we will reupholster it. Also if you are looking for a particular piece of furniture that you want done your way, we can find it for you and reupholster it. Take a look at our work on our Slide Show page.

We Do Full Reupholster Services:
-Wing Back Chairs
-Commercial and Restaurant 
-And Much More

We Repair:                           

  • Leather & Vinyl                                                         
  • Plastic & Cloth  
  • Door Panels
  • Dashboards
  • Carpet Dying
We come to your home or business for most repairs.
Phone- 801-814-1462 or 801-814-0309
Call today to schedule your appointment!
Send us your pictures for a free estimate!
Email: Or just text us your pictures to: 801-814-1462

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